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1317 is made by 2 primary couple of numbers 13 is GIORGIO SCOLA : ITALIEN AUTOR,PHOTOGRAPHER,DIRECTOR. Masterplan : Bfree and make other people free 17 is ELKE SCOLA : AUSTRIAN PHOTOGRAPHER,DESIGNER,MODEL,PERFORMER,ARTIST Masterplan : Enjoy and give other people joy. Both lived and worked all over the PLANET. 1317 is a CONCEPT PROJECT that melts together different facolties 1317 has an ONION SHAPED SYMBOL made by SEVEN SKINS.Any skin belongs to a specific character:FASHION DESIGN,PHOTOGRAPHY,FILM-VIDEO-DOCUMENTARY,ART,MUSIC,WRITING,EVENTS. We'd like to collaborate in ethic projects with open minded people. KEEP IT SIMPLE,STUPID. CHECK OUR WORK ON www.GIORGIOSCOLA.com ,www.BRAND1317.com CONTACT US OFFICE@BRAND1317.COM CLIENTS: VOGUE-GLAMOUR - INTERVIEW - VIBE - SURFACE - LIVE - STERN -PHOTO - MAX-ITALIEN - MAX-GERMAN - U.S.HARPER'S BAZAAR -U.S GQ VIDEOMEDIA - CENTRAL PRODUCTION - 411 - FILMASTER PRODUCTION - UNIVERSAL - WARNER BROTHERS - SONYMUSIC - BMG - G STREET RECORDS - √

Sunday, October 2, 2011


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